Sunday, March 18, 2012

Controversy? I call it common sense!

What is up with fashion and the way young girls dress themselves these days?

We went to the mall last week, a pretty frequent trip we take. The kids needed new school shoes and socks, so we went to Kmart to get what we needed. After walking around for bit, I was horrified. I honestly felt really disgusted by what I saw. Girls as young as 10 (they appear at about that age, they are very young anyway) dressing themselves like they were much older and even the older girls (16+) are dressed like they are in a stripper club. Very short skirts, barely hiding their private parts, tops that only cover their chest, showing their waist and more, well, they don’t leave much for imagination. And it seems like it is getting so much worse lately.

I mean, come on! Who are these girl’s parents and who lets them walk out of their houses dressed like that? What sort of modesty example are they setting? These are the girls who will be mums one day and that makes me wonder, what will the next generation be like?

This is a problem. Because it opens other cans of worms.

We all have to take responsibilities for our actions, for sure. But who can blame a man for looking at these girls? They do not hiding anything, and like I mentioned before, they leave nothing to the imagination. The worst part is that these girls are not old enough to understand how some people have evil intentions and take their thoughts of lust to a different level. But who can be blamed for it?

I think parents have a HUGE influence in this matter. I don’t know, call me tough. But there is no way I would let my daughters walk around like that or even dress like that at home. Our bodies are sacred and modesty is definitely something valuable, especially in our society, because these days it’s something rare, as I am finding out. As a parent of two girls, it is my duty to call for inappropriate dressing, it’s my duty to teach (not dictate, well, sometimes the ‘because I said so’ might be applicable) and to show them how it can affect them and others. Also, fathers have a huge part to play in this problem, after all, they have been a teenage boy before and they know what goes through their minds.

So we also need to teach our sons how to respect women and love them, because they are beautiful inside first. It’s not all about the image. These girls don’t understand they don’t have to show their most private parts, so boys think they are beautiful. Sometimes I feel like giving them a good shake and yell: ‘You are beautiful no matter what! Go put some clothes on! Value yourself!’ I get really mad, maybe because I do care about my girls too much and I am so scared about what influences they are having while young. It’s so sad the world is coming to that. It really is.

Being a parent can suck sometimes. But the ultimate goal is to guide our children as they grow up and teach them what is best for them. Can I plea with you: let’s please do our small part in our girls lives. They are precious and grow up way too fast. Let’s protect them as much as we can, and what we can do to help them become great girls who know how beautiful they are without having to show their bodies to the world.