Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend and Phobia

Happy Monday everyone,

It’s been a quiet and hot weekend in these parts.

Saturday was very uneventful as hubby worked and I tackled housework. Saturday is my cleaning day, the day I restore our nest to its livable conditions. I guess with me working full time, I gave up to the fact that my house it’s not gonna look like a catalogue photo every day (not that it ever does anyway). I must say that I personally think we are doing really well, that means I don’t fall into desperation every time I walk in through the door. I do the dishes every morning before leaving and my laundry is always washed (folded is a different story).
So on Saturday after hubby got back from work, we went swimming. It was 39C here and we were cooking. Sunday wasn’t much different, after church we got to hang out with some real cool friends, we went for a drive enjoying the cool air conditioner, more swimming. The weekend never lasts long enough.

Weekends are great but I have a confession to make. Lately I have been feeling scared.


I have one word for it: Cockroaches

It seems like we have an infestation at home. I have phobia of cockroaches. Actually my whole family does apart from my mum. My dad, two brothers and a sister, we all inherited this illogical fear of the ugliest and grossest bug there is. At the moment we’re getting one or two every day which is way too many. I honestly haven’t even seen a cockroach in a long time (8 years of New Zealand living and one year of Australia – but it has changed since I moved to Perth – we live across the road from the river and also a swamp and it does not help that we have scorching hot weather either)

I have a super trained eye that can spot them even in a dark room. This super powers do not work in other situations but I am a super cockroach spotter. Hubby thinks it’s hilarious that I completely freak out and I can’t be in the same house as a cockroach. So you can see how having an infestation is a problem. A big problem. It leads to extreme paranoia, visions, loud screaming, tears and loss of control.

Yes, we are gonna get the house sprayed for bugs. They have a waiting list, it’s the high season apparently.

Meanwhile I am armed with my cockroach spray, super vision super powers and tissues (for my scared tears)