Friday, March 9, 2012

Things that kids say

I am not likely to post on the weekend as we have no internet connection at the moment (I know!!)

But I wanted to post today to reassure myself that I am indeed back this time. So here I am and this is a short post but it's funny.

My boy is 5 - and I love him, I love how his little mind works and how he asks 125673456 questions in a single minute. But lately he has been saying the funniest things, like:

'Mum, why didn't you name me Josh, I want to be called Josh...' Ok, why didn't I know that before?


'Mum, when am I going to be a street kid?' No idea where he got that from

And he also decided that armpits are really disgusting and he makes me laugh everytime he sees someone's armpit

Love my boy