Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hey, long time no see. We did not have internet until last night so I have been trying to remember everything I need to write in here. We have been in our new home for a week and a half now and to be honest we're still feeling a little bit out of place with lack of routine, as it is school holidays for the next two weeks and the weather has been miserable.

Where do I start?On Monday when we traveled, our day started at 2.30am as we had to be at the airport at 4am. Not much to say from that until we got into our plane, saying good bye is never easy.
We got into our plane, a four hour ride which was not bad, all I can say is thank goodness for the Wiggles, it kept Elijah entertained for three hours! He ended up falling asleep for the last half hour of the flight and missed out on landing.

When we got to Melbourne, we walked around a lot, ate some food, walked some more. We started to get really tired and we still had 5 hours of waiting to do. I don't know how but we did survive and got into our next flight. When we got to Mount Gambier, hubby was NOT at the airport. I was not impressed, we were so tired and quite sick of each other by then. I thought he was hiding but no, he thought we were flying in half hour later. Anyways, we managed to get home after a very long day. Elijah fell asleep on the way home in the car and did not wake up until the next day.From what I have seen so far, Mount Gambier is bigger than Masterton. But I haven't had a chance to look around properly as I have had the kids with me the whole time and hubby has not had a weekend off yet - he is having this coming weekend which is great, it will give us time as a family to do things around, we will also go garage sale hunting, as our house is still looking empty and we still need quite a lot.

The girls will start school next term as the school holidays start tomorrow. We have decided they will attend the christian school in town. We already got uniforms and they went visiting for the day yesterday and they loved it.
I will write more as I remember more, here are some photos:
This is a cave, right in the middle of town

my guys, walking by the library
the kids playing in the tree hut

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  1. Hi Roberta,
    Thanks for joining in on living a healthy lifestyle. Good luck with your move. I also have two girls and a boy all two years apart but my little guy turns 13 this month and I'll have three teenagers in the house!
    May the rest of your move go smoothly.