Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friday, I love you!

Oh yay, it's friday. Life has been very hectic, not just hectic, but different. We don't have our stuff, we are living out of our suitcases - at grandma's house.

We sent Jason off last night. He thought his flight left at 8pm but it didn't actually leave until 9pm. So we sat around for a while and when it was time to say good bye, the girls started to cry, it was so sad - I kept reminding them it was only for two weeks - but that didn't work too much, they still cried heaps. I think it was a combination of sadness with being very over tired.

I am so glad it's friday, we have been crazy busy but things are going to slow down a bit for a while, until we leave, that is. Tonight I am really looking forward to doing NOTHING all night. I have not done 'just nothing' in a while. The kids will definately go to bed early as they had two weeks of late nights.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be alone. No hubby, no in laws (they are going to the beach), so I have decided I am having a couple of people over for dessert. I am making a chocolate cheesecake... yum! So if you are local - and you are reading this, you are invited to come around - bring some dessert to share and laughs. If you need more info, email me!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! Yummee chocolate cheesecake for your birthday, you go girl =)

    Hang in there ~~ love and hugs,