Thursday, June 10, 2010

God does look after us

I was feeling a bit down yesterday. I was missing hubby, my boss was being annoying, it was so cold. I had a headache and a sore throat (I still do). It was one of those days.
I left work at 4, as I had to do a couple of things for Jason. I browsed through expensive shops as I walked. At that moment I wished I had lots of money to buy lots of clothes. But the circumstances are that we spent quite a lot more than expected with our move to Australia, so money is not available as I would like and I started to feel sorry for myself.
And then I snapped out of it.
I prayed. I told the Lord how I was feeling. And carried on on my merry way. Then I had a brilliant idea. I went to the Seeker's Mega Mart, which is a massive second hand shop. I started to browse and I could not believe my eyes when I found some totally awesome and sooo me items. A skirt, a nice vintage top and a black jacket. I was so happy! Do you want to know how much I spent for everything? $9.50! Yep, you read it right! $9.50 for three super awesome items of clothing. I seriously could cry because I was so happy with how God takes care of us, and He knew exactly what I wanted and what I like, and He gave me just that!
Our God is awesome. He really is.

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  1. so glad you managed to get a few bargains! That always cheers me up!
    Collette x