Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1 sleep and he is going!

Jason leaves tomorrow.
We're so stressed. So busy. So tired.
Bleh... who thought that moving countries was going to be this hard?
This last month has gone by so quick! We had so much to organise. Well, Jason did most of the organising because I am at work. Anyways, bills, disconnections (power, phone...) garage sale, sale of our stuff by other means, the moving out of the farm house, and amongst all of it, the running of our holsehold, laudry, dishes, cooking, school work...
I don't think we realised the amount of work it is. But now, we're nearly there. We can see how things are coming together. Like I said, Jason leaves tomorrow night. Then we follow, two and a half weeks later.
Only two and a half weeks! Eeekk.
Isabella is still having sore tummy bouts. I am actually a bit concerned about it. I am thinking she might be feeling the pressure of the move too? Or maybe it's something in her diet? Wheat or dairy intolerance?
I am sorry I am a bit whingy today. Well, not whingy, I am just a bit frustrated and tired. I am allowed to be sometimes ain't I? Bleh. I think I need some prayers sent my way plus a drink of a calming tea. I have been drinking strong coffee, a lot of it. I sorta need it right now.
I need a holiday.


  1. Oh poor thing!! So sorry you are struggling right now. I just drank a nice calming cup of Pomegrante Raspberry tea about an hour ago, and I have now dedicated that cup to you. Hope that helps =)

    Also just said a prayer for you today that you can breath in the breathe of heaven today and feel a calm and peace in the midst of the storm. Also said a prayer for your sweet daughter. Hope she feels better soon.

    Have a Blessed day dear one ~~ Dawn

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment to pray for my son Braedon. It always touches my heart to hear someone else is lifting up prayers for him. We still don't have any answers yet but I am taking him to Children's Hospital again tomorrow for more tests. Praying for answers and treatment soon!