Monday, June 14, 2010

When you are out of your comfort zone

It's so cold!
Ok, maybe not as cold as some of you get, but for our standarts, it's COLD!
It does not snow here where we live. It does on the mountains that surrounds us, but it's cold anyways. Too cold. I like winter, I just don't like being cold.

holy experience
It's tuesday here - but monday still in many places and monday where Ann Voskamp shares the Multitude Monday. So here I am.
I have been thinking a lot lately, how me and my little family been thrown out of our comfort zone and how we're dealing with what comes with it. We have been living here in Masterton for 8 years now. We have family support, we have church support, we know our way around, it's home. But when God says to you: Get out of your comfort zone - it can be very hard. We moved out of our house, sold our belongings, packed our bags. Hubby left nearly two weeks ago - daddy is not around. We are staying with grandma - any routine is out of the door - even though we do try to carry on with some sort of normality.
When we decided that we were moving countries with three kids, somewhere we have never been before, we were quite excited. A new place, a new church, new friends, new shops (hehe). Everyone comes up to me and say 'You must be so excited' and truth is, I am excited. But I am also anxious, scared, sad. This whole new adventure is really really close now and I am starting to get a bit nervous. I have been speaking to hubby everyday and he keeps telling me how different things are over there, even though it's only Australia. Then I realised we are actually starting from scratch. We are out of our comfort zone big time and it's so scary! I know people do this kid of things everyday - move countries, or jobs, or face lifestyle changes. It's just seems like it a huge task when it's happening to you.
So I am clinging to Jesus. Because I know he has gone ahead of us, in every single step we have taken so far. When I look back in our journey, I can see how He has been with us throughout the whole process and there is no denying, we are where we are supposed to be. When I see it in that light, I start to get really excited because, yes, this is an adventure, the type of adventure that He has prepared for us Himself. It seriously cannot get any better than that. And I am so thankful and humbled by it.
The gratitude list continues:
31. The adventure
32. Pretty fabric
33. Thrifty shops
34. Slow cookers
35. New items of ridiculously cheap clothing
36. My new handmade by me jewellery
37. My talents so I can make them :)
38. Awesome people that bring me inspiration
39. A church family where I can be myself
40. The unknown - because He is ahead of us!

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  1. Roberta,
    LOVE this post!!! I understand getting outside of your comfort zone to follow God's will for your life. It can be scary, but oh so rewarding to.

    I love your list too. I love it that you are crafty. Me too. I love crafty =)

    Have a Blessed evening, ummm morning, er ah day?.... not sure of the time difference but you get the idea =)

    Love and hugs ~~ Dawn