Sunday, May 30, 2010

The adventure has begun!

The weekend started on a high.
It was friday night and I was tired, we were running late home, so we got some fish and chips and headed to the farm. Got home, ignored the mess (big time!) and went to check the voice mail on the phone. Message one:
"Hi, this is lady from Australian Consulate. I am just ringing to let you know the doctors gave me the go ahead and I will be processing Roberta's residency on Monday and send it by courier on Monday. Have a good weekend"
All the mess did not bother me anymore. I started to scream because I was so happy! I did the happy dance. The kids looked at me funny. But I didn't care! God is truly faithful! We have encountered so may obstacles along the way to get to this point. We even looked into changing our flights. We spent many hours worrying about it, and all was in vain. He is faithful. He is ahead of us in this move, I have no doubts at all - so why did I even worry? We still have twenty one days spare! How cool is that? This is such a miracle in itself - if you have been reading my blog, you know all the hurdles we have been through! We're so happy, there is a huge weight off our shoulders. No more wondering about it, no more stress. God is so good. I can officially say now that I am an Australian Resident!
On another note, we moved out of the farm house this weekend.
Saturday morning was a mission. Jason got our garage sale organised and I stayed at home with the kiddies. It was raining and super cold outside. We had no couch to sit on, no TV, no computer because the phone had already been disconnected. I was trying to clean but I gave up because the kids were cutting paper and trying to entertain themselves. So we started to jump on the mattress and use it as a trampoline. It was fun. We did get bored, it was a long morning, but we survived.
Then we had a family farewell dinner for Jason.
On Sunday after church we went to see my sister and my spotty niece Georgia (the bubba has chicken pox, she is so cute all spotty, haha)
I cannot believe how fast this year is going by. My birthday is next saturday, I will be turning 29. Pretty scary. We have been so busy since deciding we were moving to Australia, no time to smell the flowers. I find that sometimes, we just have to do what we have to do. We're exhausted, busy - but it will all be worth it in the end. God has been ahead of us throughout the whole process and we're excited to see what he has in store for us.

holy experience
continuing my list, this monday, this is what I am grateful for:
11. my God, who is faithful
12. Jason's parents, who opened their doors for us, despite a very small house
13. warmth! it has been a cold week.
14. Our friends, we have been busy trying to say goodbye to everyone
15. work - yes, I am tired but God knows why I need to work until I go and he has given me this job!
16. Wiggles dvds - Elijah loves them and when he starts singing in the car it really warms my heart.
17. Wheat bags - them make Bella's tummy better.
18. Allyah's sense of humour, she is starting to develop her own and she can be quite funny.
19. the mess - means we're getting things done
20. Coffee :)

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