Monday, May 17, 2010

Oncology Appointment

Today I had my oncology appointment and it could not have gone any better!
Carolyn (Jason's mum) drove me to Palmerston North and the fog was so thick we could not see what was in front of us! But we got there in the end with time to spare! My appointment was at eleven thirty and we got there at nine thirty. So we went out for a coffee and had a little browse through some shops. Carol got a really nice handbag and a bracelet.
We got to the hospital at about ten thirty - and to my surprise - we got seen straight away, a whole hour before I was supposed to be seen. The oncologist lady was super friendly and so helpful. She told me that from her oncology point of view, I am cured from cancer and she has no concerns whatsoever about my future prognosis. Double yay for that, even though I know I am healthy, there is always a hint of fear when I go see the doctor when it comes to this whole cancer thing - so hearing that was a relief.
And thats exactly what she is going to write on her report to immigration. And she was going to write that report today and get it sent away as soon as report is ready - which I am hoping tomorrow. How great is that?
I was stoked with how the appointment went, so Carol and I went to the mall and had some shopping therapy because we could. Haha. I got five pairs of earrings for $15 and Carol gave me my birthday present early, so I got a real nice dress to wear on our farewell party.
Talking about farewells, Jason leaves in seventeen days. That's so scary.
Enough writing from me today, I have a huge pile of laundry to fold, so I better start. I reckon if anyone invented a laundry folding robot, they would get rich.

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  1. Great news, great shopping... what else can you ask for? :) happy for you xx