Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness posts = I just write whatever comes to my mind, no thinking, no editing, just me and my brains! So excuse me if I ramble or what I am saying does not make sense.
It's a very cold and rainy thursday here in New Zealand and today I really struggled to get out of bed. My bed was so warm and the house was so cold. So I lit the fire and my problems were all gone, in no time we had a warm toasty house. I actually like winter, I just don't like being cold.
Last night we packed some more boxes. That was really the last thing I wanted to do, I was just so tired and American Idol was on, and I really wanted to watch it. But anyways, I had to get up and start because Jason was nagging me. So up I get up and start. And I started to get really discouraged by the mess - my friends, I must say, it's huge. So I packed my kitchen, my groceries, pout them into boxes while Jason sorted out his paper work and danced around to Americal Idol making me laugh. That boy annoys the heck out of me sometimes, but I do love him. He makes me laugh all the time (that is, when he is not, ahem, annoying me!). I will certainly miss him a lot when he goes to Aussie next week! We will be separated for three weeks, which I know is not much, but it is three weeks too long.
Have I mentioned that we (the kids and I) have a seven hours wait in Melbourne airport? Seriously, I am not joking. S E V E N H O U R S with three kids in an airport. Have any of you ever had to do anything like this? Picture this: Our flight leaves New Zealand at 8am (I think) which means we will need to be at the airport at six. Ok. Then we fly for three hours and then wait for SEVEN until our next flight. I said seven right? Yep. Three kids, plus luggage for four as I will have to check in again for our domestic flight, plus two booster carseats. Are you picturing this in your mind? Are you feeling awfully sorry for me? I would love tips and ideas to keep busy children entertained and to keep me sane. So please, if you have done anything like this, share, oh please!!! Share your tips with me.
Tonight is our last night at our house. It's not really looking like our house anymore. Our stuff is all gone. A new chapter of our lives is about to start and all I can say is: Bring it on!
That's all ♥

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