Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have been thinking about this for a while now. What makes home YOUR home?

As some of you know, I have been sick this week, which means I have been off work trying to get better (which I am a bit today, just feeling tired now), so I stayed at home for the most part.
My house is pretty messy at the moment and I haven't been doing much housework - just a little bit here and there so I can still not feel guilty about lying down, like dishes, the laundry, maybe a bit of vacuuming.

But right now we're stuck in the middle with this whole packing thing, we have tried packing some boxes, but it is actually harder than I thought to move overseas. About a month ago I went into every room and got rid of unused items, inecessary items and rubbish items. That was a huge task in itself but the problem is, now, four weeks later, the house is full of those things again. I kept asking myself how was that even possible and the only conclusion I came to was: these things must reproduce and have tiny babies while we sleep and they grow real fast and the house gets overpopulated with them. It's just of those things... like missing socks - no matter what you do, you will always have missing socks because the Washing Machine Sock Eating Monster is real.

Anyways, so I still have a lot more packing to do and I better get started otherwise we'll have a lot of things to do last minute. We need to be out of the farm house by the 1st June (new season starts) and we will be moving in with Jason's parents for about three weeks.

But this had been HOME for the last year, almost. Despite its messyness, I know it still is for now, but when I walk down the hall and I can smell the cozyness I get an overwhelming "ahhh I am home" feeling. Do you get that sometimes? It's not everytime. It's like smells that brings up memories type of feelings. I love them, I think they are great, they make me happy, safe, just like when I used to smell the coffee brewing at my grandma's house. The warm fuzzy feeling comes right back everytime I smell coffee.

I am home, this is my castle and things are the way I want them to be here. I know we're only here for another four or so weeks, but the adventure is just beginning. Yeah it sucks to pack, and yeah, it will be a mission to fly with the kids alone, but in the end, I will be going home, won't I? A new home for sure, but HOME is what you make of it, and I am prepared to make our new house, our new home.

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