Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walk with Him Wednesday

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I have been struggling with what I was going to write about.
You see, it's "Walk with Him Wednesday" and I really wanted to write about something that I find important, but must confess, I am not good at it sometimes.
Using my life as a ministry to others.
Seriusly, it is a whole lot easier said than done. I think most people can relate when I say that. Every morning when I wake up, the intentions are good. So I get up, have my shower, get the kids up. From there on, it's rush time. By the time we leave the house, we are all flustered and grumpy.
Not a good start. Drop the kids at the bus stop, Elijah at daycare and head to work.
'Concentrate now'
The phone starts ringing and the word day starts. By the tenth phone call, I start to voice my frustrations. 'Some people should not own computers' (I work at a software development company, we get a lot of calls from people with software problems) By the twentieth phone call, maybe one or more clients heard my frustration in my tone of voice. My work colleagues just think it's normal, after all, we all have a whinge about frustrating phone calls or people who are not so computer savvy. So to them, I am one of the bunch.
But when I think about it, what am I showing my work colleagues? I am probably not setting the right example of what Jesus would do if He was walking in my shoes. Ok, I know I am human, but I know better. But when people are rude to me, it's hard to turn the other cheek. When people start to backtab, sometimes it's hard not to give my two cents worth. We're all buried in a society where you need to be 'in' in order to fit.
Don't get me wrong. I really do not to go out of my way to be 'in'. What I am saying is, sometimes we get caught up in a moment and when we realise, it's too late, you already criticised the boss or voiced your frustration out loud. I do want to be in, in HIS crowd. I don't really care if people think I am weird because I don't drink, or because I don't say anything when gossip is going around.
But like I already mention in this blog, sometimes I fail miserably. People often judge christians, saying we are all hypocrites. The news is, we are! Everyday we are reminded how we can't measure up at all. And that's the beauty of christianity. If we were all perfect, we would not need Him at all. And His grace is given to us, everyday we fail, yet, He loves us, He forgives us, every single day.
The challenge is to keep focus and pray. Pray that the Holy Spirit will show me ways of using my life to show Jesus to other. I don't want to fit in.
I only want to fit in in His crowd.

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