Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An update on our big move and prayer requests

Oh boy it's getting close now.

Hubby leaves in a week to go to Australia - there is not turning back (not that we would turn back, but you know what I mean!) This weekend, we will move out of the farm house and move in to Jason's mum and dad. Jason will only be there for half week, but the kids and I stay there until the 21st June * if everything goes according to plan *.

Immigration is still stuck for me, but Jason rang them on Monday and the lady promised she would have it all done by the time we go, as long as the results of my blood tests come back fine. I have to say that I am feeling a bit anxious when it comes to those results. When you get cancer - it's scary! When you have surgery - it's awful. When you are given a great prognosis after surgery and treatment - it's wonderful! For some reason, since my last treatment, 2 years ago, I never had a thyroglobulin test done. That test will tell if there is still an active tumor. And that's the test I am waiting results on. If you have a spare thirty seconds in your day today, please say a little prayer for me.

Today I am going to pack our bags. I bought three big suitcases for $25, I am the queen of the bargains, I must say I was really happy with my find! So I am putting all our clothes in the suitcases so Jason can take the draws away to be sold in our garage sale. So from now on, we will be literally be living out of suitcases!

It seems like everything is finally coming together for us. God has been with us all along the way, with every difficulty, he provided a solution for us.

It's quite scary going to a new place where you don't know anyone. And moving to Australia was not an easy decision as we're leaving family and friends behind, but Jason and I both feel God has a lot more in store for us than just a job and a nice house and that is exciting!

This is a photo of Mount Gambier, South Australia, where we are heading to:

Now for the prayer requests:

1. Isabella is home sick from school today, hence I am at home from work too. She has been having extreme tummy aches, we ended up in hospital last night - we're pretty sure the water we are drinking is causing the pains, as Elijah also had the same a couple of weeks ago. I am glad we're moving, meanwhile we're drinking bottled water.

2. Jason's mum, Carolyn - she has been feeling weird lately, with her heart racing and really high blood pressure. She collapsed on Sunday but she did not tell me! She has been to the doctor and they are running tests on her, but today she is off work again as she is not feeling right, to be honest, I am worried about her - so please pray for Carol!

3. My immigration stuff and my blood test results.

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